We truly believe that every business and citizen in each community should be working together to build a stronger economy. It doesn’t take a long-winded research document or overly complicated survey to prove that.

Any community without small and local businesses bringing in revenue will suffer from lack of funds for local improvements.

That means the city cannot improve roads, provide nice recreations, protect our streets, fight our fires, pump our waters, provide safer travels with traffic lights, sidewalks, etc. And over the years, throughout the country, people are making a difference in their community through charity, referrals, shopping local, cleaning and building awareness.

Advertising has a lot to do with increasing sales for the local economy and one of those methods is advertising on TV. Technology to advertise on TV has been advancing significantly since it debuted on July 1, 1941, but the cost to advertise have only gone up just as dramatically. Small businesses have to be prepared to spend $10,000-$25,000 to advertise on local TV. So only companies daring and wealthy enough can use TV advertising.

At least until now. We own and operate 2 different businesses that are geared to helping local businesses all across the nation. One focuses on helping local businesses advertise on TV at a local level, TVAdSwap.com, and the other focuses on helping local businesses with their online presence, RankAboveOthers.com.

TV Ad Swap and Rank Above Others in one office.

We would like to do our part in helping each community thrive. Every community we go into, we will be helping businesses like restaurants, cafes, salons, bars, hotels, clinics, hospitals, entertainment venues and more get practically free TV advertising.

These types of business are what we refer to as “Vendors” because they’re the type of venues that attract the most foot traffic of customers who are most likely to sit down and watch TV. These vendors have the option to upgrade for more exposure, but is not required.

By having these vendors participate in our entertainment network where we show our own entertainment content, this in turns allow all of our non-vendor businesses and organizations, known as “Sponsors,” to take advantage of this opportunity and advertise directly on TVs that are placed into dozens and hundreds of TVs in their community.

Instead of advertising on TV when consumers are at home, which is a lot more expensive, this allows all businesses in town to advertise to consumers who are already out. This actually allows local businesses and consumers to help each other without disrupting the flow of business.
It is important to educate both consumers and businesses that we need each other in order to build a stronger and safer community while improving the economy and growth.

Our efforts not only help local businesses thrive, educate local consumers, but also help entertainers such as musicians, video producers and others get exposure for their content.

Learn more at http://www.adrianalive.com/

These passionate individuals are creating incredible memory and energy for those around them with very little financial support. That’s why we want to help. By helping entertainers like Adriana Live get some TV spotlight, this will help them get more sponsors and paid gigs. Entertainers can’t survive on applauds and handshakes; so, what we are creating, is a Utopia of advertising and financial growth for every community.

We look forward to moving our entertain network into your community soon. For now, please help us by liking and sharing our Facebook page and posts. The more interaction and exposure we have, the more awareness there will be in every community. Thank you!