What If You Could Be Part of The Next Netflix, Uber, Redbox or AT&T? Would You Be Willing To Put In Just A Couple Hours A Day To Secure A 6 To 7-Figure TV Advertising Network?

What if there was a simplistic and systematic way to generate a passive and recurring revenue from local businesses where more than 90% of them will sign on without flinching?

You’ll be the go-to authority in your community to display entertainment and ads on TVs in restaurants, salons, bars, hotels, clinics, car dealerships, repair shops, hospitals and more.

Below is an example of entertainment and ads we’d air:

Hi reader,

It’s true. Traditional TV advertising is expensive. Until now. We’ve figured out a way to make it affordable and how more than 90% of the businesses you talk to will want to sign up with you.

Every business owner has, at one point or another, thought of advertising their business on TV. It holds so much prestige and actually has a 20% likelihood of resulting in sales than videos on social media. If only more businesses could afford it. Not only does it potentially bring more customers and sales, but gives an impression to the public audience that this business, product, service is legitimate. Just think, “as seen on tv.”

However, traditional advertising on television is extremely difficult and expensive. A single 30 second ad spot can cost as much as $20,000 or even exceed $600,000. Many of the local businesses like doctors, plumbers, attorneys, bakery and other local providers do not need national recognition, branding or advertising. They simply want to be noticed by consumers walking around their town or city right now.

Even more localized advertising with local tv/cable providers is still $200-$1,500 for a single 30-second ad spot. Hypothetically speaking, a 30-day campaign at the lowest rate is easily $6,000 with no promise of huge ROI. This does not include the time, management and financial cost to produce the video ad to begin with!

Alternatives Already Exist

Businesses who want to be on TV have looked for cheaper video advertising alternatives on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat and even entertainment networks like Hulu, Netflix and so on.

In addition, digital signage had also become a viable option. You see, there are 3 different types of digital signage. That includes:

  1. Merchandising: Mostly for displaying products/services related to the retail store or restaurant a patron is already in.
  2. Informational: Perfect for museums, hospitals, transit services or universities to share information on directions, instructions, reminders or other educational purposes.
  3. Advertising: This is the type of digital signage we are after. This type of digital signage service allows businesses to advertise their products and services on TVs hosted by another business.

Of course, this is not new technology. Neither are cars, yet billions of dollars are sold every year, aren’t they? We are aware that there are already thousands of businesses around the world already participating in the digital signage phenomenon.

That said, it does not mean they have it figured out. Look at what happened to BlockBuster when Redbox came along. Look at what happened to MySpace when Facebook came. You get the point. Just because something exists already, doesn’t mean you can’t do something better.

Ancient Strategies No Longer Warranted

Case in point; IntrigueMe.ca is a digital marketing agency in Canada offering self-served digital signage advertising. Very much like many other providers, the concept is simple: get businesses to show ads of other businesses on their tv. But the delivery is cumbersome, expensive and already ancient. Even though, as of February 2019, IntrigueMe has managed to get 292 participating “hosting partners” in Toronto, just 5 years ago, they had 195 hosting partners. That means in 5 years, they have on average gain of only 20 new partners per year!

The problem here is that the hosting partner has to provide the TV, purchase IntriqueMe equipment, pay for annual fees, pay for the ads to be developed, manage the ads themselves and then sell the ad placements themselves on their own TV. This is actually the common practice! Such low-tech process with so many moving parts and old methods is what slows down their growth and puts a stop to being a scalable digital signage advertising company.

Another Case in Point

For this example, TheMerchantNetwork.com stands out the most, but there are many out there like it. Their primary approach is that ANY business can participate in their network and exchange ads by simply flipping video ads of uncontrolled and complete disregard of commercial video play time, what industry or size of business.

This in turn has resulted in having businesses such as car washes, commercial rental services, day cares, gymnastic gyms, private schools and even dumpster services and self-storage businesses to participate.

NONE of these locations bring any benefit to other businesses that actually have a lot of foot traffic and customers who are more likely to watch the TV. Not a very fair exchange.

The majority of the screens are actually small monitors that flip ads only. There is zero entertainment content to engage the audience. This method of advertising only conditions the audience to completely ignore the screens. After months and years of the same exposure, it may as well not exist.

This company started in the year 2000 and currently has roughly 144 locations participating. Based on our standards of qualifying “vendors” we would only count 84 of those. This would give the company an average of 7.5 new vendors a year. Even if that assumption is wrong, we have counted only 16 possible vendors in 2018.

Market Opportunity

Depending on where you look, statistics indicate TV advertising spend in 2018 was $69.87 billion and businesses will spend roughly $69.17 billion in 2019. However, Companies that can afford to spend money on national television will continue to do that, but they will also continue to explore digital advertising methods to grow their brand and reach, which is already at $107.3 billion in spending in 2018.

With the steady interest for alternative methods with strong ROI, it is time to introduce a digital signage service that benefits both advertisers and vendors in a more equal footing. In addition, our entertainment and distribution of very specific ads will help educate the community, not just flood the market with only badgering ads. We have a 40+ pages of documentation noting all of our steps, functions, ideas, concepts, procurement, procedures, operations, scaling, sales forecasting, costs and implementation.

Our out-of-the-box thinking, research and testing has brought us to the conclusion that scaling our business and generating an excess of $20 million a year in gross sales within a 12-month period is achievable. This can be obtained on our own at a slower and secretive approach. This is not including the revenue potential from an additional platform this business is hooked into. If included, the revenue potential could double or triple depending on market reached.

We have re-imagined TV advertising through our new platform called TV Ad Swap. We have accomplished so many things in a matter of weeks compared to others who have been in the same industry for decades.

Having a sales forecast for this would be nice, but it becomes very complicated when you consider all the upgrades (additional campaigns, additional zones, digital signage service, devices for sale, video production, website design, development or marketing services, etc), the different types of advertising options and other services we offer on the side is overwhelming.

Changing The Narrative

If you’ve owned a business or been in sales, you already understand how difficult it is to walk into a place of business and sell them something. Chances are, you’ll be turned away with little to zero chance of making a deal.

Well, with TV Ad Swap, we’ve changed the narrative from selling something to helping the local business gain something substantially more – roughly $6,000/year in FREE TV advertising.

Every community we go into, we will be helping businesses like restaurants, cafes, salons, bars, hotels, clinics, hospitals, entertainment venues and more get practically free TV advertising.

These types of business are what we refer to as “Vendors” because they’re the type of venues that attract the most foot traffic of customers who are most likely to sit down and watch TV. These vendors have the option to upgrade for more exposure, but is not required.

Actual Vendors Without Photoshopping Televisions

Vendor Inventory System Coming Soon

By having these vendors participate in our entertainment network where we show our own entertainment content, this in turns allow all of our non-vendor businesses and organizations, known as “Sponsors,” to take advantage of this opportunity and advertise directly on TVs that are placed into dozens and hundreds of TVs in their community.

Don’t worry, only first 20 vendors in each city is truly free. All others who follow suit must pay a $95 setup fee (they get our device and a simple 15s video ad) and $49/m to maintain the entertainment and ads being displayed. That means as our network grows, all the costs to supply and manage vendors will become paid for by the vendors. Practically pure profit for us.

Instead of advertising on TV when consumers are at home, which is a lot more expensive, this allows all businesses in town to advertise to consumers who are already out. This actually allows local businesses and consumers to help each other without disrupting the flow of business.

It is important to educate both consumers and businesses that we need each other in order to build a stronger and safer community while improving the economy and growth. Our efforts not only help local businesses thrive, educate local consumers, but also help entertainers such as musicians, video producers and others get exposure for their content.

Products Available To Sell






Android TV Box Any Business $95 Once Android box with our app and installation.
Vendor Maintenance Vendor $49 Monthly Maintaining content and ads on the TV.
Vendor Ad Upgrade Vendor $249 Once Create 30s video commercial.
Vendor Platinum Setup Vendor $495 Once Create 30s commercial and free zone 3 for 60 days.
Digital Signage Any Business $30 Monthly No setup fee.
Professional Signage Display Any Business $495 Once 3 Professional Layouts (I.E. Food menu and special offers).
Sponsor Pilot Program Sponsor $895 Once 30s zone 1, 30s zone 5 on all TVs for 60 days.
Sponsor Pilot Special Sponsor $499 Monthly 30s zone 1 on all TVs for 1 month.
Zone 1 Sponsor $499 Monthly 15s ads, weekly cycle on 10 TVs.
Zone 1 Upgrade Any Business $299 Monthly Double listings or increase time to 30s.
Zone 2 Any Business $99 Monthly 15s ads, monthly cycle on 50 TVs.
Zone 3 Any Business $399 Monthly 15s ads, monthly cycle on 50 TVs.
Zone 3 Upgrade Any Business $199 Monthly Double listings or increase time to 30s.
Zone 4 Any Business $499 Monthly 15s ads, monthly cycle on 50 TVs.
Zone 4 Upgrade Any Business $299 Monthly Double listings or increase time to 30s.
Zone 5 Any Business $999 Monthly 30s ads, monthly cycle on 50 TVs.
Zone 5 Upgrade Any Business $699 Monthly Double listings or increase time to 1 minute.
Zone 1 Weekly Insert Any Business $199 Weekly 30s ad in Zone 1 for 1 week. Monthly Zone 1 Required.
Zone 5 Weekly Insert Any Business $399 Weekly 30s ad in Zone 5 for 1 week. Monthly Zone 1 Required.
Showcase Entertainment Features content specifically for business location.
10-Minute Content Setup Vendor $995 Once Setup fee for 10 minutes of showcase content.
Monthly Maintenance Vendor $299 Monthly Maintnance fee for upkeep.
30-Minute Content Setup Vendor $1,995 Once Setup fee for 30 minutes of showcase content.
Monthly Maintenance Vendor $499 Monthly Maintnance fee for upkeep.
60-Minute Content Setup Vendor $2,995 Once Setup fee for 60 minutes of showcase content.
Monthly Maintenance Vendor $699 Monthly Maintnance fee for upkeep.
Showcase Advertisement Select a showcase campaign to feature as entertainment.
1 Campaign Vendor $1,695 Monthly On all non-competing vendor TVs in local network.
2 Campaigns Vendor $2,373 Monthly On all non-competing vendor TVs in local network.
3 Campaigns Vendor $3,051 Monthly On all non-competing vendor TVs in local network.
Quick Tip Sponsor Any Business $1,397 Monthly 60-90 seconds of tips in zone 1 with ad in zone 3 and 4.
Showcase Insert Setup Any Business $2,247 Once 1-2 minute ad in zone 1. 2 static ads in zone 3 and 4.
Weekly Showcase Insert Any Business $525 Weekly Display showcase weekly.
Monthly Showcase Insert Any Business $1,895 Monthly Monthly display. 1 extra ad in zone 3 and 4. Free logo in zone 2.
Mini-Infomercial Setup Fee Any Business $4,494 Once 3-4 minute ad in zone 1. Logo in Zone 2. 5 ads in zone 3 and 4.
Mini-Infomercial Ongoing Any Business $2,699 Monthly Continue mini-infomercial video monthly on all local TVs.

Profit From Entertainment

The possibilities are endless, but imagine being able to profit from showing “Showcase Entertainment” like the video examples below.

Sell To Car Dealerships

Sell To Movie Theaters

Sell To Realtors

Sell To National Brand Products

Perfect Timing

You’re here just in time. We’re currently bringing in, “Territory Partners.” It’s where you get to build out the TV network in your local area and then reap the benefits of all the revenue generated into your territory. We could bring in 300+ partners if we really wanted to, but 50 is more than enough to accomplish our goals.

Upon signing on, we’ll provide you with all the tools and resources you need to be successful. You’ll be in charge of bringing on vendors in your community/territory assigned. You’ll know and be able to see every vendor that signs up in your network.

How It Works

By becoming a Territory Partner, you’ll be talking directly to local leaders and business owners about expanding our unique TV entertainment and advertising network. These businesses and organizations will have to go through you first to get their ads on our network.

The first 20 vendors are signed on absolutely free. No onboarding costs or monthly costs unless they request changes or upgrades. If they want additional exposure or reach, then they must pay for that. So there’s opportunity to make more money even from free vendor accounts.

You’ll be able to install the device directly to their TV, connect to the Wi-Fi internet, activate the device and add campaigns to the device using your phone. All you have left to do is take photos of the TV, the location and upload it to us. After that, you let the TV Ad Swap team handle the rest.

After your first 20 vendors, all other vendors in your territory must pay $95 + $49/m to TV Ad Swap. This buys them the device, a simple 15s video ad, placement of their ad in Zone 1 of 10 other TVs in your territory. For the $49/m, we will maintain the content and ads going into their TVs and rotating their ads into other TVs every week.

Simple Sales Reach

To get an idea of how much revenue you can generate, let’s break it down into VERY simple numbers we can quickly and easily understand.

10 sponsors paying $895 setup fee = $8,950 one-time
10 sponsors paying $499/m = $4,990/m

This is calculating 10 sponsors paying a one-time $895 setup fee and then $499/m to advertise in just zone 1. You might be wondering “why 10?” It’s because it’s a very simple and REALISTIC number to calculate with and we know it’s a bare minimum we can do.

Now, if we simply stick with just 10 sponsors for 10 months, it will have generated $89,000 in just setup fees. But nowhere else on the market can any business pay $895 and get advertising for 2 months for free on TV. It’s unheard of.

To find out what it looks like 10 months from the time all the subscriptions have kicked in with 10 new sponsors each month, it’s simply:

$4,990 x 10 = $49,900/m

That’s not all though. What about the amount of money generated up to the 10 months of subscriptions? What’s it altogether? Let’s find out:

  • $499 x 10 = $4,990
  • $499 x 10 x 2 = $9,980
  • $499 x 10 x 3 = $14,970
  • $499 x 10 x 4 = $19,960
  • $499 x 10 x 5 = $24,950
  • $499 x 10 x 6 = $29,940
  • $499 x 10 x 7 = $34,930
  • $499 x 10 x 8 = $39,920
  • $499 x 10 x 9 = $44,910
  • $499 x 10 x 10 = $49,900

If you add the 10 months of setup fees ($89,000) and ongoing subscription compounded each month for 10 months ($274,450), you will have a gross revenue of $363,000.

As a Territory Partner, you stand to profit 30-40% of one-time payments and 20-30% of all recurring payments without having to deliver the service, maintain the campaigns or handle customer support.

Best part about all this? This doesn’t include revenue from Vendors paying for advertising or upgrading or sponsors upgrading to larger packages ranging from $1,000-$5,000/m! This is the power of automating a scalable platform WITHOUT the restrictions of a brick-and-mortar platform. We can literally tap into ANY city at ANY time without traveling there ourselves.

When each city has hundreds or even thousands of participating Vendors, that means absolutely free advertising for our TV advertising platform. Sponsors and additional vendors from all over each town will be calling in or signing up online with zero interaction from anyone.

How Is It Possible?

We are currently 100% veteran-owned (one co-founder is Navy and the other a Marine). Not only that, we’re also both disabled veterans. This allows us to get US government contracts and bring on military recruiters or other government related ad projects. We’re also now close to finalizing a deal with the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) with over 867 location nationwide. With their support, we will have 25,000+ FREE sales reps promoting our services.

We Made This For A Local SBDC

In exchange for giving them free TV advertising on our network, they will promote TV Ad Swap to the businesses in their community. That means your territory could be gaining vendors and sponsors without even lifting a finger!

All of this potential reach is without accounting for our involvement with local chambers of commerce, the local businesses referring clients either directly or indirectly via their TVs, referrals from news companies, TV stations and radio stations. In fact, this also does not put into account **** ****** ********* ****** ******* ******* ***** ******** ****** ***** ******* *********** ******. Sorry, all this is proprietary information, you’d have to become a Territory Partner and sign a proper NDA before knowing more.

Here’s What You Get

By signing up with us as a Territory Partner, you’ll get all the resources listed below in digital format or physical form such as actual devices, folders, flyers, business cards, shirts and so on.

1. Introduction

a. Welcome Letter
b. Onboarding Webinar
c. Using Physical Supplies
d. Using Digital Tools

2. Internal Access

a. Company Email
b. Company Phone Ext
c. Facebook Group
d. Landing Page
e. Invitation Code – Will be sent in private.
f. TV Ad Swap Platform
g. TV Ad Swap Sales Profile
h. Digital Agency Platform

3. Training

a. Sales Training
• Product To Sell
• Scripts
• Rebuttals
b. Device Setup Training
c. Follow-up Plan
• Sponsor Emails
• Voicemail
• In-person
d. Expansion Strategies
• Facebook Group
• Local Leadership
• Referral Partner

4. Physical Supplies (items will be shipped to you)

a. 1,000 Business Cards
• 3 Folders
• 500 Vendor Flyers – FRONT | BACK
• 500 Sponsor FlyersFRONT | BACK
b. 2 Polo Shirts – MALE | FEMALE
c. 20 Android TV Devices
d. 1 Tablet
e. 1 Tablet Case

5. Digital Tools

a. Images of TV Examples
b. Demo of Videos on TV
c. Commercial Examples
d. Vendor Power Point
e. Sponsor Power Point
f. Digital Signage PP
• Demo Video
g. Mini-Infomercial PP
• Demo Video
h. Vendor Intro Video
• English
• Vietnamese
• Spanish
i. Sponsor Intro Video
• English
• Vietnamese
• Spanish
j. Sponsor Pilot Offer

What You Don’t Get

  • The responsibility of creating video ads for vendors or sponsors.
  • The responsibility of managing video campaigns and ad placements.
  • The responsibility of contracting entertainment content.
  • The responsibility of editing, processing, rendering and managing entertainment.
  • The responsibility of customer support or project management.
  • The responsibility of device procurement and delivery of online orders.
  • The responsibility of growing the company and getting more territories.

Done-For-You System

We have done all the research and development to build this platform, yet it’s still morphing to become even larger. More than 90% of the work required to grow your passive income is already done for you. All YOU have to do is bring on vendors. We pretty much do the rest.

When we designed this platform, we designed it to scale and grow with minimal and almost zero financial risk. Like how the cost of devices and ongoing maintenance will become ZERO to you as a Territory Partner. Like how you’ll be able to gain sponsors even if you’re not pitching, marketing or selling it yourself.

It’s all in the strategies we’ve created and implementing, the technology we’ve put together, and how the platform is run and operated with our existing resources. The next phase is turning our disruptive platform into a combination of concepts from Netflix + Redbox + Uber + AT&T all rolled into one.

Stronger Together

Yes, we could have sold you the exact step-by-step system to do what we do behind the scenes. However, we’d only be setting you up for failure! The concept of having TVs in local businesses and then displaying ads on the TVs is not new. There’s a hundred different reasons many of the digital TV advertising companies fail, but one of the biggest factor is that they are completely alone.

Why else do you think so many of these companies after 10, 15, 20 years and they barely make a dent in their own community? When you have a brand this is recognized and bringing on national brands into their network, you get the attention of local businesses and local leaders.

By being a Territory Partner of TV Ad Swap, you are able to reference the platform being in other cities, states and even countries. This gives your claims more weight. This also brings us to a national advertising network level. When we have advertisers that are wanting to advertise across the entire network, you will profit from it just for having the territory in your name!

Lock-In Your Area and Become A Territory Partner For A One-Time $2,995

There is a $150/m subscription for every 10 devices activated. Max monthly requirement is $300/m for 20 devices. After you’ve sold 20 additional devices, your player/device subscriptions are ALL cancelled. You will not have to pay for any ongoing subscriptions at that point, because new vendors are covering your costs.

That’s not all!

In addition to all the resources and supplies provided above, if you already have a business, we’ll also help create a video commercial for you to advertise it throughout every TV in your territory or shared territories. I.E. Houston, TX may require 4-6 Territory Partners. If 4 partners each brought on 50 vendors, that’s 200 TVs that your ad would be displayed FOR FREE.

Whether you have another company or not, you’ll also have an additional 2 choices to choose from and make more money with.

1) New Agency – Start your own digital agency (or expand your existing) and offer website design, development and marketing services without doing ANY of the consultation, service delivery, project management, customer support or staff management. You simply start a new business and be operating it within 48 hours. This is an optional $697/m white label service.

2) Branded Agency – If you prefer not to start from the beginning and build a new digital agency, you can borrow ours at RankAboveOthers.com. Commercials for Rank Above Others will be in EVERY TV that goes live in EVERY territory anyway. Like the National Car Match and other ads we’ve selected, this is non-negotiable and default for every network. You can sell our services and make higher commissions or do nothing and still make money from it. This is an optional $497/m.

There are no refunds. All sales are final.

If any devices are defective, they will be replaced for you out of company expense. If you fail to bring on 20 vendors within 60 days of receiving all supplies and equipment, you are subject to being terminated from our Territory Partner program. If you fail to bring on at least 2 new sponsors each month or 5 new vendors each month, you are also subject to termination.

These requirements are extremely low. You should be focusing on bringing on as many sponsors and vendors as possible. You should be able to bring on 5 to 10 times the requirement each month. You may also forfeit your territory and involvement with TV Ad Swap at any time.

If you fail to stay within our expansion requirement or wish you get out of our program, we will offer to buy your devices and flyers back for $450. You will keep everything else.

By becoming a Territory Partner, you are NOT owning a franchise, stock or a percentage of the company earnings/ownership. You are simply locking in your proposed communities or zoned areas of certain cities where you will directly and indirectly benefit when advertisement is purchased in your territory(s).

We already have the ability to live stream entertainment content, but consider the reaction from the audience and local businesses when you later are able to display high-caliber content from well-known publishers like Gaia and local news stations.

Please only sign up if you can handle being THE digital advertising authority in your neighborhood and willing to work with local organizations and businesses. You’ll be shaking hands and doing business with chambers of commerce, SBDC, radio stations, TV stations, magazine companies, etc, etc, etc… are you ready?