Searching For Video Publishing Partners

We’re currently looking to partner with entertainers, musicians, vloggers, video editors, producers and anyone that may be producing videos on YouTube and other video broadcasting networks who want additional exposure. If this sounds like you, you’re a Video Influencer and we want to help you grow even more.

We are already working with Video Influencers like Chad Zuber, who has well over 700,000 subscribers (now over 1,000,000 in just 4 months), to get even more exposure.

Whether you’re new or experienced to being a video publisher, as long as you’re currently creating a lot of video content, we would like to help you get more subscribers to your YouTube channel or viewers to your social media platform. We have built a TV entertainment network that will feature your work and increase your reach.

Your videos are most likely already being seen by viewers at their computer or on their mobile devices, but now we can put you directly on TVs located in business venues like restaurants, salons, cafes, bars, clinics, gyms, car dealerships and even hospitals, hotels and more!

The photo above is an example of how your entertainment will sometimes be displayed on the TVs. Your videos will not always be placed into that zone, it will also sometimes have full screen display.

We are currently preparing expansions into dozens of communities, including cities in Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, California and even reaching out into the Caribbean Islands, Canada and Australia.

Each community we move into will have 300 to upwards of 1,000+ TVs showing YOUR videos. As our network grows into more territories, we will bring you even more viewers and supporters.

You may already have celebrity status on YouTube and other social media outlets, but wait ’til people see your videos in the local restaurant, salons and other venues. Your videos will remind fans that haven’t been watching your work to start again! In addition, you’ll even be reaching people who have never heard of you.

Demo of How Influencer Videos Are Displayed On Our Vendor TVs:

Participating costs you NOTHING.

Registration and participating in our entertainment network is absolutely free. We just need your video content information to see if you’re a fit for our vendors and audience. And if you are, we’ll get to work on getting you more exposure.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Featured On Thousands of TVs In Businesses Nationwide
  • Free Banner and Video Outro For Your Channel
  • Free Advertising To Your Website
    (if you need a new website, our other company builds ecommerce sites)
  • More Exposure To New Audience
  • More Subscribers To Your Channel
  • More Revenue From YouTube
  • More Revenue From Merchandise Sales
  • More Opportunities For Direct Sponsors

Just fill out the form below and you’ll be taken to the member’s area to update your Influencer profile.

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NOTE: While the exposure of your video content is free as indicated, there are no guarantees that you will directly or immediately receive increased subscribers or revenue. We do not control the audience’s reaction and interaction with your content. Not all Influencers are accepted. We have to match appropriate content for our Vendors who will be displaying your videos. All Influencers must be verified and approved before videos are listed in our entertainment network.

Influencer Banner Example

Every influencer will have their own unique banner that will be displayed next to their video in our network. This helps create awareness for your videos, more exposure for your brand and increased viewers/subscribers who will want to support your work.